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Sunday Strollers update.
All being well this group hopes to start up again on the 28th June. An evening stroll starting at 6pm in Altea close to the river at Rio Algar. There is ample parking available if you want to join us register your interest via the website groups link.
We have already met on several occasions please see the next newsletter for further details.  A nice evening stroll is planned 
From Monday the 1st June 2020
The Valencian region and the whole Alicante Province now move to Phase 2 in the relaxation of lockdown.
up to 15 People can now meet in their own homes from different families providing social distancing measures are observed
  • Up to 20 people can participate in nature tourism activities together.

  • Citizens are allowed to move freely within their province (or island), including to their second homes.

  • Shops and stores can open independently of their size, but with capacity limited to 40%. There should also be priority timetables for the over 65s.

  • Restaurant and bars can now re-open their interior dining areas, apart from nightclubs and music bars, provided capacity is limited to 40%. Eating inside can only take place if sitting at a table, or groups of tables, and ideally via prior appointment. Self-service at a bar is not permitted. Terraces for cafes and restaurants will continue at 50% of capacity.

  • Open-air markets are allowed with a third of normal stands.

  • Hotels and tourist accommodation can now re-open their common areas, provided capacity is kept to 30%.

  • Cinema, Theatres, Auditoriums and culture venues can re-open, provided that seats are pre-assigned and capacity is limited to 30%.

  • Open-air concerts are allowed, but the public must be seated, observing social distancing, with capacity at 30% and limited to 400 people

  • Places of worship can have 50% capacity.

  • Funerals can take place with a limit of 25 people if outside, and 15 people in closed spaces.



The Comunidad Valencia region is now in PHASE 1


New measures you need to know (effective from Monday, May 18th):

Shops: Opening of shops of less than 400m2. A previous appointment is required in some circumstances,

the capacity is limited to 30%.


Markets: Outdoor on public roads with distance restrictions and capacity limitation.

This time will be strictly for the purchase of necessities. Food etc.

Meetings: Meetings of a maximum of 10 people (friends, neighbours, family, etc.), inside and outside the home, are allowed. Vulnerable groups are excluded. Hygiene measures and a safety distance of 2 meters must be maintained.

Terraces: The terraces are opened to 50% of their capacity. Minimum distance of 2 meters between tables and groups of clients will have a maximum of 10 people. Card payment is recommended.

Vehicles: If the people reside at the same address, they can share a car with up to 9 seats. In case of a not cohabiting person, at most 2 people per row and with a mask.

Displacement: Mobility is only allowed in areas that are in the same phase. In this case, Marina Baixa.

Current time-slots for sports and walks are maintained, although this does not apply when to going to an establishment, terrace, meet a group of 10 people etc. This is done to avoid over laps of groups in their permitted activities. Therefore, a lot of individual responsibility is required. We are still in a state of alarm, and everything should be done for the strictly necessary time, taking into account: Personal distance of 2 meters, Frequent hand washing, Extreme hygiene in public and private spaces.

At all times the use of a mask is recommended this is mandatory on all forms of public transport.



The Spanish Health Ministry has announced the following conditions for the gradual relaxation of the lockdown,

flexible to the needs of each region;


Phase 0 From 2 May


Physical exercise and walking - you may take a walk, or practice any types of individual sports, at the following times;


Children untill 14 years old: 12-19h

+ 70 years and those who need a carer: 10-12h and in the evening 19-20h

>14 and < 70 years: 06–10h and in the evening 20.00-23.00h


  • Walking alone or with habitual partner for one hour, once a day

  • Must have no symptoms (cough, fever etc..) and not be under a medical quarantine

  • Maximum distance 1km from where you habitually live

  • Must maintain interpersonal distance of 2m when walking

  • Once a day

  • Individuals may practice sports during this time, with no contact and maintaining a 2 m distance.

  • Must not move to another muncipality from where you habitually live

  • Children under 14 can go out with an adult, max 3 siblings per adult. They can share their toys with other children. Parks and beach are closed. They have to maintain distance of 2 m with other children


Extension & Lockdown Relaxation


The Spanish government has approved to extend, once again, the state of alarm until May 10th. It's not allowed to go out, except for a strict necessity or for the acquisition of basic needs.

From Sunday April 26th, children under 14 years old are allowed to go out, accompanied by an adult from the family environment, to take a walk of a maximum duration of 1 hour as long as the distance does not exceed 1 km from your house between 9am to 9pm. Children's recreation areas stay closed and are totally prohibited.

Those over 65 years of age can purchase 2 surgical masks completely free of charge presenting their health card (SIP) at their nearest pharmacy. Likewise, as a reminder of the basic prevention measures: Go to the nearest establishment for the acquisition of basic needs. Maximum 2 people per vehicle, as long as one of them sits in the back, diagonally opposite the driver, on the condition of a justified reason. Minimum interpersonal distance of 1,5 meters. Regularly hand washing and maximum hygiene. Use of mask required.



As announced the Valencian Government is making some 1.3 million masks available for the whole community, of which 458,674 are destined for the Alicante province.

People over 65 years of age and vulnerable people who are suffering serious chronic illnesses or have high sanitary needs will get the face masks for free at the Chemist's with their SIP Health card

As soon as we receive more details about the exact date, we will let you know.

The Industry Minister Reyes Maroto says that the recent massive increase in production of these masks means that by the end of next week, there should be enough for everyone. There is no reason for stockpiling.

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